Help UPAC help all Canadian UL Pilots by writing a letter to Transport.

February's topic reprinted from UPAC News

there are three methods of communication the written word: a letter, a fax or an email. When Transport receives a communication from you, they reply to you using the method you used.


One thing to know - if you send copies (cc: to someone else) those that you send the copy to do not have to answer. so rather that cc: a number of people, send an original to each person. You should gt an answer from each of them.


The best method of communication is a letter that is either faxed or mailed. Transport has to take the time to write you back. You get a written reply. Keep a copy of your letterto them, if it gets "lost in the mail" and Transport says they didn't receive it, you can send it again.


Your copy to UPAC is your confirmation that Transport was sent your message. We will know how many of you wrote them. they will not be able to minimize the number of letters they receive.




Send a letter to Transport. On a blank piece of paper, print the following:


Date: ___________

Dear Mr or Ms. _______________

I want yo to use UPAC as my representative on all ultralight policy changes.

Can you tell me what qualifications will be required of the instructors who want to become pilot examiners? will instructors who are pilot examiners be able to give a flight test to their own students? If so, will they need to get permision from Transport for each flight test? Will the Pilot Examiner be covered under Transports Delegation of Liability the way conventional Designated flight Examiners are? And finally, how will ultralight pilots become instructors if they can't find a Pilot Examiner to give them a flight test?



- One copy to UPAC 14845 - 6 Yonge St. Suite 180, Aurora ON, L4G 6H8

- One copy to Mr. Art LaFlamme, Director General, Civil Aviation, TowereC, Place De Ville 5th Floor, 330 Sparkes St. Ottawa ON, K1A 0N8

- Once copy to Mr. David Parkes, Transport Canada, 333 Main St., Box 8550, Winnipeg MB, R3C 0P6